The company commerces iron, sheet iron, tubes, hollow sections and wire in galvanised, black, inox and aluminum varieties. We import sheets and coils from international trusted production houses and we make them available in the domestic market in any size and quantity. In particular, we provide cold rolled steel sheet dcp, hot rolled dcp and galvanised of any type and recently stainless steel, perforated sheet and foil sheets.

Cold galvanizing for measuring up to 6 meters

Our company operates successfully for 20 years with metal galvanizing. Galvanizing is a way of protecting iron objects from oxidation (rusting) for many years. More specifically, after a deep cleaning process using chemical, technical or both techniques, the iron is immersed in a tank with zinc in order to form a zinc coating that is metallurgically bonded to the surface of iron. Galvanizing is suitable for pipes, hollow sections, Steel Angles, blades and all kinds of constructions with their accessories.

Electrostatic painting

The powder coating is one of the most common metal surface treatment. Michalopoulos Bros SA has a modern powder painting line, which can dye materials up to 1,5m height x 1,0m width x 4,0m length. The process of electrostatic painting is based on a combination of appropriate chemical treatment, which ensures resistance to corrosion and applying a wide variety of polyester powders that improve the final aesthetic result. Moreover, we use ecological powders respecting the community and the environment.