Michalopouloi Bros S.A. has a successful business course in the city of Thessaloniki for more than half a century. Pioneering in manufacturing barbed wire and fencing products, it transformed into a company capable of delivering high quality products in the iron and sheet metal manufacturing.

Always aiming to have the best customer service available, Michalopouloi Bros S.A. offers a numerous amount of services and products, containing every kind of metal constructions and fencing. It can provide any type of sheet metal, in any commercial size and quantity. It features high grade galvanizing and electrostatic painting equipment.

All employees are fully qualified in the fields of production, product design, fence manufacturing, quality control, packing and delivering, with the same means of transportation. This procedure is certified by ISO 9001:2008.


Being truly safety - aware, Michalopouloi Bros S.A. regularly collaborates with a security engineer, ensuring the proper functionality of its facilities and with respect to the health and safety of its employees, as well as to the environment.

Its immediate goals, among others, are the establishing of the company in the manufacturing and commercing fields of iron and contractual iron constructions, within the wider area of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, where it has been exporting products for the past few years, bearing prosperous results.